Our wines should be stored in a cool place where there are no sudden variations in temperature or vibrations. Make sure that the cork closure remains constantly in contact with the wine.

Trust yourself! Take a large wine glass and fill it to one third. In this way you can appreciate the characteristics of our wine as soon as the bottle has been opened. Sometimes a lack of aeration of the wine can make decanting necessary (the aim being to aerate the wine without bringing into suspension any possible sediment which may be at the bottom). It would be a pity to spoil the enjoyment provided by great wine through a simple lack of oxygen. Château Gombaude-Guillot is always good! Please don’t hesitate to let us have your comments!

Wines over 15 years old:
BE CAREFUL, these wines really don’t like being transported or shaken around (make sure they rest after travelling). They must be decanted gently, because they often contain sediment that shouldn’t be brought into suspension. Over 15 years old, it is wise to check the condition of the cork before deciding to age the wine longer.

When to drink our wines? (See the grid)
It’s up to you! The only guiding rule is the enjoyment you find and share with others. Château Gombaude-Guillot is a long-ageing wine (25 to 30 years). After at least 5 years, such wines begin to develop a complex bouquet, which allows the best pairings with food, such as meat, game dishes, cheese and so on. Cadet and Clos Plince are less long-ageing (10 to 15 years). Generally speaking, when serving recent vintages it is good to aerate the wines well. So you need a decanter and to fill large wine glasses only to a third. As the wines mature, they pair better and better with delicate and carefully prepared dishes. But Château Gombaude-Guillot, just like Clos Plince and Cadet de Gombaude, is also about enjoying those convivial moments such as aperitifs or snacks with good bread, cheese and charcuterie. Why not also enjoy a great wine in its youth, just after it has been bottled?