Cadet de Gombaude

Cadet de Gombaude is the Second Wine of Gombaude-Guillot. It is essentially made up of wine coming from young vines, but these are planted in the same terroirs, grown with the same methods and given the same care and attention as the First Wine.

Sol : Gravel over clays with iron deposit (crasse de fer)
Age des vignes : Less than 15 years
Rendement moyen : 45 hectolitres per hectare
Densité/ha : 6,500 vines per hectare
Taille : Poussart type
Récolte : the grapes are picked by hand in groups of evenly-ripe plots. Each vat represents a group of plots. Vatting time and temperature are adapted to the characteristics of each vat.
Vinification : in temperature-controlled concrete vats. Natural vinification (indigenous yeasts).
Élevage : in barrels -the wine must have the upper-hand over the oak: no new barrels –only second or third-fill barrels. In each case, we demand the best fine-grained oak barrels.
Production annuelle : 6,500 bottles